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Twitter For The Not So Chatty

Originally published at Agent Incite. You can comment here or there.

A couple days ago Chris posted about social media. Specifically, he asked about how to generate conversations, and well, stick to something that doesn’t come naturally to him. Any form of social interaction that doesn’t come naturally to you is uncomfortable.

A couple things to remember:

  • No matter what ridiculous or insane thing you say, someone will top you, sooner rather than later.
  • Social media is incredibly fluid, getting to saturation of whatever outlet you choose, is pretty hard, just get aim for the people following you enjoying it.
  • Unless you’re on 24/7 not everyone is going to see anything or everything you tweet.

So how do you get in the habit of Tweeting, and keep it?

  1. Make it interesting for yourself: Follow people and companies you find interesting.
  2. Be candid about your opinions: If you see a movie and think it has a spectacular talent for applying oral suction to male primate organs, say so.
  3. Check the “Trending Topics”. This is a great feature, you can look at worldwide trends, you can look at national trends city trends or even trends based on what you tweet.
  4. Take part in memes. Some of them are absolutely hilarious to watch and take part in. #ReplaceMovieTitleWithBacon or something similar can in fact convince people to follow you.
  5. Pick a time to Tweet and read your timeline at least twice a day. It doesn’t have to be longer than five minutes either time. You can also do it during breaks while writing or editing. Write for an hour, Tweet for 10 minutes while you take a walk.
  6. Unfollow people who annoy you and block the noxious.
  7. And to paraphrase Janet Jackson: Relax, its just Twitter.
  8. Find a good app for your smartphone, tablet or computer that fits your needs.
  9. Talk about stuff other than your work.
  10. Unfollow people who annoy you and block the noxious.
  11. Put your twitter handle out where people can find it, people who like you will follow you, sometimes they will even respond or say something to you.
  12. You can post your tweets to Facebook, with some apps automatically, some have a toggle so not all will end up on your timeline.
  13. When you go places you don’t mind sharing about, share, I’ve done contests over twitter while traveling.
  14. Don’t give up, traction takes time.



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