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A little experiment Edit: Update at bottom

It’s official. I’ve completely lost my mind. Okay, okay so I actually was born without one (Thanks Mom!), but this is proof I need a bit of help. I’ve decided to do two experiments at once. One, is to see how much slush I can go through in one twenty four hour period without killing myself or running away from this business entirely. And Two, to see how far and wide the internet can carry this in just a few days.

So, on Monday May 28th 2007 I will be read as much slush as I can. In order to make this effective, I’ll need much more slush. Right now, I just don’t have enough to make this part entertaining for me. So, if you have something to submit, send it, if you know someone else who has something, make them send it. The email address will go active sometime Friday the 24th during the day. And stay open until about 8 am on May 28th. Each submission will get an auto response from my website; keep this as your receipt.

As enticement, every single submission received during this period is guaranteed to get at least one chapter read and critiqued. If, and only if it follows the complete submission guidelines as described on my website; http://www.onyxhawke.com , and isn’t bad enough to make Baby Cthulhu cry.

How it works:

You send.
I read.
In the pursuit of fairness, if after chapter one I am still interested in reading more I will send you an email that will say, “Still reading after one, final decision later” or something similar.

Obviously, if this gets a big response I will not get to everyone Monday, but each qualified submission will still get the one chapter critique, minimum. If you decide you’d rather use the normal submission box, please put “MM” as the code at the end of subject line.

Either way, good luck and in honor of my obvious love of pain, I’ve dubbed this little experiment “Masochism Monday”

Masochism Monday submission box: (mm@onyxhawke.com)



Edit Begins:

Well, apparently i can't read a calender when its after midnight the above inbox does indeed go active on Friday morning and will stay open until Monday morning, but to accommodate travelers, on Thursday the 24th it will go active for about two hours starting at 7:30am ET.

Edit ends


May. 28th, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
Crisis of Nerves
Okay. I submitted about two hours ago, and, of course, had immediate second thoughts about the entire friggin' novel. In short, I tweaked the manuscript, changing the order of the first chapters and adding minor stuff. The chapter order makes a difference as it's multiple POV, and the first couple chapters are all from different POVs.

May I resubmit, and if so, is there any special code you want in the email subject?


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