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Onyxhawke Agency LJ

Agent Provocateur

O'Mike aka onyxhawke
This is the LJ of Mike / Michael Kabongo the OnyxHawke, currently the agent to a stable of sf/f authors with style. I am accepting new clients at this time, please follow the submission information at www.onyxhawke.com


This is my primary interactive home upon the web. I do have a few other places around the internet that I have hung my shingle, but most of those say the agent is out on the door. This is the guide to my LiveJournal.

1) Sadly, I probably don't have time to read your blog. I'm not even good at keeping up with the LJ's of friends and clients. I may add you to my reading list, but even that doesn't mean I'm reading often or will have time to comment too.

2) There is no snark tag. In most cases it would be redundant. If you can't figure out when I'm snarking, and when I'm not, oh well.

3) Feel free to repost or distribute any content from this journal with proper attribution, and without cost. Note, this applies only to my content, snippets of books are not to be reposted or redistributed without permission of the author or publisher.

4) This journal is a low priority, when I encounter things in the real world that require me to ignore it, that happens.

5) Comments make me more likely to pay attention. Intelligent comments tend to steal my fun reading time, but that's okay since LiveJournal is in the same category of fun.

6) I don't do politics, memes, or B-Day greetings in this journal. Don't bother looking.

7) Yes, I do mean the submission guidelines on my website. I also suggest reading the FAQ as well.

8) If you see something writing, publishing or science related I might find interesting, feel free to post a link in a comment or via the messenger tool built into LiveJournal.

9) There is a growing list of writing related memories I keep, feel free to read them most are from people I have a good deal of respect for, others are by me.

10) I will upon occasion use a well known member of the industry as a whipping boy/girl for something. I do this because it is fun. I also do this because it is generally someone people are familiar with. I will probably mock you if you attack me for using them to illustrate a point since I don't (often) publicly talk about people I don't like.

11) Regarding racefail. I prefer not to discuss it. I greatly prefer not to discuss it. Some people discussing it are irretrievably moronic and they should not be surprised when I tell them this.

12) I can be found (for certain values of found) on Twitter as @Onyxhawke and on Facebook as myself.

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